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i used to go onto heaps of sites looking for vids but now i found newgrounds and ive got all the vids i want this is the greatest site ever. Long live newgrounds it is the best

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Posted by ethliam - July 24th, 2009

na im not i just got some new art in check it out and try to give me some pointers

Posted by ethliam - July 24th, 2009

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hey it's me again writing another post i was wondering if anybody could suggest some cool stuff on newgrounds. also who do you think is the hottest person on the planet please list them in seperate comments i hope you enjoy the attached video it's called pissed off i am also trying to get over ten comments also check out my art

Posted by ethliam - July 17th, 2009

In your mind who is the hottest person in the world

Posted by ethliam - July 15th, 2009

Hello to begin i still don't have flash so i can't make any flash videos and it is really starting Piss me off. Next my friend has made an account so check it out it's called called assaf4life nexthe wireless in my iPod touch is working im stoked see ya

Posted by ethliam - July 5th, 2009

can u please tell me some ya mumma jokes it would be greatly appreciated

Posted by ethliam - June 26th, 2009

hey what up i am trying hard to be a big contributer to newgrounds and i thought putting out a big post might help. At the moment im just trying to beat my mate <BILLYZ in levels,medals, and all the other things. we are both trying to submit stuff but we dont have the software which is annoying. if you know what software we need please tell me in this post.

Moving on i have come accross some annoying people who comment on my post and they are being really really annoying and they are beggining to piss me off. please say any other people that i should block.

also i played a union tournament and won tell me if you like league or union

see ya

Posted by ethliam - June 21st, 2009

please comment

Posted by ethliam - June 20th, 2009

who is your favourite flash artist mine is eddsworld who is yours. And also im aiming for 10 comments or higher also im recently gone up from civilian to town watch

favourite flash artist

Posted by ethliam - June 20th, 2009

i am now a town watch thank god

Posted by ethliam - June 20th, 2009

for some people like me they set pointless goals that is a bunch of crap it was a no brainer

no brainer