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i used to go onto heaps of sites looking for vids but now i found newgrounds and ive got all the vids i want this is the greatest site ever. Long live newgrounds it is the best

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What should I do???

Posted by ethliam - September 12th, 2009

Ok I need you guys to give me some advice on what to do. Well theirs this kid at school and he gets upset really easy and he thinks that this kid is his best friend. The problem is that the kids my best friend and we tried to tell him on msn but my best friend is a twin and she likes the one we hate so she blames everything on me and tells ayden (the annoying one) how to make me hate miguel and to make miguel like him again. The big thing is we don't won't to tell him because he will get really upset and depressed we know this because his sister took a pack of oreos off him and he cried all lunch.

So what should I do please give good answersand please just give your ideas.

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I'd really love to help, but it take massive brain power to understand what you just said... while im solving your algebraic equation with no numbers, ill leave this post and get back to you as soon as i can understand this insanely amazingly awesome post that leaves me wondering why you hang out with those people.. or.. err i think..

So from what I can tell, you have this kid who can get upset real easy and he's just needing a friend so he can have someone around and keep his sanity. Instead of wanting your friend back, how about you go and try to be friends with the upset one. As for the sister,tell an adult what's going on. A parent, or techer. Go alone and tell them in all seriousness, about your situation.

Now I have no idea if this advice is any good or not. PM me and i'll try to think up another. :) have a nice day

Smash the kid. or... Just say you guys don't want to be friends with him.
Yeah i know he's going to be upset but he has to handle the truth.

Advice #1
Tell him to harden the fuck up

tell him to F**K off

See if it works

What did I just read.